Southern Cross Club Offers Special for January

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Located on Little Cayman Island, about 400 miles South of Miami, the Southern Cross Club was founded in 1958 when Little Cayman boasted a population of just 12 people. The island now has a bustling population of just over 100. If you dream of escaping to a place with world class diving, fishing, peace and relaxation, few places in the world can compare with the charm, comfort and hospitality of the Southern Cross Club. 

For the month of January, Southern Cross Club is offering all locals from Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac a chance to get away from it all while supporting the local marine environment. 

Each local guest will receive a gift bag with vouchers and merchandise, valued at $50.00, and a free upgrade to a deluxe unit, on an availability basis. In addition, Southern Cross Club will donate 10% of the accommodation charge to the Central Caribbean Marine Institute