Import Updates on Covid-19 Developments in the Cayman Islands

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Regulations have been made by Cabinet under the Public Health Act (2021 Revision) for the prevention, control and suppression of COVID-19.

This page describes policies that are currently in effect and will be updated as they change. While some of this information is meant to assist with understanding the Regulations, the Regulations remain the authority on what persons should and should not do during this time.

Control Of Covid-19 (Travel) (No. 2) Regulations, 2022 came into effect as of 8 April, 2022, which have been extended to 30th June 2022.

Control and Management of Covid-19 (No. 3) Regulations, 2022 are in effect as of 28 April, 2022.

Additional legislation, including Regulations that were previously in force, can be found in the Legislation Gazette Supplements

The "hard" curfew orders - which are no longer in effect on any of the Islands - were enacted under the Police Act (2021 Revision).