Places to Visit

Incredible Beauty

The Cayman Islands consist of three islands - Grand Cayman, Little Cayman and Cayman Brac. Each island has its own unique and distinct personality but all offer an incredible quality of life.

George Town

George Town, our capital, is a buzzing hive of activity during weekdays. This is where the majority of the financial services sector does its business, is where the Parliament and Courts are located, as well as many shops, restaurants, banks and also host to arriving cruise ships which tender passengers to our busy waterfront.

West Bay

West Bay is the largest constituency with stunning condos on our world famous Seven Mile Beach, and some adorable island style homes tucked away in shady tree-lined lanes and streets.

South Sound

South Sound is largely high-end residential, very quiet and certainly an area worth investing in if you are thinking of privacy in an elegant home on the quiet waters of the sound. Further towards the east, but still facing south are the dramatic rock faces of Spotts, which also has small beaches mostly frequented by residents.

Seven Mile Beach

Seven Mile Beach faces west offering breathtaking sunsets and equally stunning views of the white sandy beach for which Grand Cayman has become so famous.

Bodden Town

Bodden Town also faces south and is the oldest town in Cayman as it was settled first. Quaint and historic, you can expect to find a few elegant homes on the beach, but this is where you will find a great “get away from it all” island style home in a quiet part of town.

East End

The next stop is the district of East End, slow down or you’ll miss it! It is headquarters to some of the world’s best scuba diving possibilities. With dramatic walls dropping off into the ocean, the real estate here is equally stunning; another great place to consider investing or living.

Rum Point and Kaibo

If Seven Mile Beach is too busy and you are searching for a high-end property with a private beach, then Rum Point & Kaibo should be on your list. The majority of homes here look out onto tranquil lagoons and have their own private white sandy beaches. World famous Stingray City and adventurous diving on North wall is only a 10-20 minute boat ride away.

Sister Islands

The Sister Islands of Little Cayman and Cayman Brac lie to the east of Grand Cayman and are about as close to quiet as you will ever get. Even streetlights are a contentious subject as they interfere with turtle hatching. With approx 170 people in Little Cayman and 1,200 on Cayman Brac, you can escape from it all on these two jewels of the sea. The truly magnificent Bloody Bay Wall in Little Cayman is a dive destination to itself. The huge iron shore cliffs of Cayman Brac have dramatic caves and with its fauna and flora it makes for a perfect naturalist get way.